How do I cancel my account?


Like any great relationship, Bottomless gets better over time. 🖤

Predictions aren't based on a set level; they're tailored to your unique consumption data using an algorithm designed specifically for you.

For this algorithm to work as expected, we need to gather data first. It can take a few shipments to get it right, so please be patient.

However, if you feel like this isn't working out, we understand; please reach out to or (206) 260-0782 to close your account.

Our founders personally review all cancellation requests, and in some cases, we can address the issues you're experiencing, so please provide as much feedback as you can about why you're dissatisfied. We'll do our best to resolve it for you.

Bottomless is still a small startup, so we're aware there are areas we can improve. Your feedback is invaluable to us.