How do I re-zero my scale?


Sometimes, scales need to be re-zeroed for various reasons, such as a shift in the zero level or when you stop using a container.

Here's how to re-zero your scale:

  1. Remove your product from the scale.

  2. Click the "Setup" button on the left side (previously the bottom button, and the right button for larger beta scales).

  3. Connect to the "Bottomless_Scale" Wi-Fi network in your Wi-Fi settings on your computer or phone.

  4. Select "Set Zero Level" on the pop-up menu.

  5. After entering your email address, you should receive a confirmation email or text.

  6. Place your product back on the scale.

Tip: If the weight on the data page ( doesn't update immediately, don't worry — there might be a few hours delay. The re-zeroing process was successful if you received the confirmation email or text.